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WPF Online Training in India

Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation is all about implementing SOA in your project. SOA stands for service oriented architecture. This course is only aimed for those professionals who already have a very good understanding of .NET. WCF almost always has a 3 layer architecture for seperating your concerns. A minimal WCF application has a Service Class, Host and Client. WCF application is next to XML Web Services. Therefore a minimal knowledge of XML Web Service is highly advantageous. You must already have a very good knowledge of C# and advanced .NET concepts like C# properties, indexers, hashtable, generics, metadata attributes, custom event delegation, anonymous functions, asynchronous event handling, threading, reflections, Extention Methods, Lamda Functions, LINQ and more. Uff! So much to learn!! I understand that! But I must be honest to you. If you dont already have these conceptual understandings then we can definitely cover 40% of WCF that doesn't require much of the .NET advanced concepts but you will not be able to complete the whole of WCF. Those advanced concepts itself will take additional sessions. I am providing below a over 2 hour lecture exclusively made for you. Watch this video at your risk! I will strongly encourage you to sit with a cup of coffee and listen to my video. Please use ear-plugs instead of a normal speaker. Have break every after 15 minutes!

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is the newest way to create your destop based application with stunning graphics. Developers used to and by-and-large using the traditional development way to develop Desktop applications using VB.net or C# programming language. The whole GUI has to be coded using the programming language. Without an IDE (Integrated Development Envionment) it could be painful to position every control based on their co-ordinates and associating event handlers eventually. Incase, your client wanted to have a little animation or a professional looking form, it can take you to task. All and every bits of stuff has to be done using pure coding. Microsoft knew the talent of HTML web page designers. And therefore they offered the developers with a HTML kind of design tool to create the UI section of your form and associate event handlers declatively within the form design segment. Developers and Designers were seperated for creating their own individual concerns. Designers can use Microsoft Expression Blend for purely creating the UI section and hand over the generated html kind of file (known as XAML) to the developers who can consequently code on it. A great designer developer amalgamation! Result is fantastic desktop applications with minimum efforts!

Course Duration

2 months

Course Fees

10000 INR

Training Mode

One-to-One Personal Online Training or Classroom Training

You are most welcome to customize the training according to your need, in that case the fees and duration may vary.


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