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The old Darwin's theory of ‘Survival for the fittest’ holds absolutely true with a successful IT career. With softwares evolving, hardwares changing, IT market always demands people with a true updated knowledge. It is relatively easy to get a job in IT, but difficult to sustain and survive. The only way to sustain, survive and progress is to keep yourself updated. Sometimes a few company sticks with the old tools and developers working in such a company for years also feel reluctant to learn new concepts and update. This situation is like sitting in a sinking ship. Future of such a developer is grim. One fine morning such a developer will definitely consider looking for a professional training for making a giant leap into new modern development arena. With Supernova, since it’s inception, we have been helping our candidates with modern interview trends, sending our candidates for a few job interviews mostly for fresher positions. We feel the honor to say that many many companies consider our training as truly industry standard and call us looking for potential good IT freshers. Candidates recommended from our training center get a natural advantage in the companies that we send them for interviews. Currently we are only assisting candidates with job interviews in our location at Kolkata in Freshers position. We feel that freshers feel the need of an initial opening, may be for a small salary initially. Therefore apart from our excellent upto-date IT training, we help our fresher friends to get an initial outburst into the challenging but rewarding arena of IT industry. If you have any question or query, please mail us at or call me at 9331897923 (Sudipto Kumar Mukherjee)

If you think that you already know the subject very well, then you can come for an interview. We will thoroughly check your skills and if found perfect, we can immediately place you in one of the companies asking for their immediate position. In that case you have to pay us 1 month of your salary in advance.

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